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Client Feedback

Hi it’s R.E.

We had a an amazing vacation!

Thank you Artzeinu Tours!

I will definitely recommend all your tours to family & friends!

Thank you so much

Rachael & Dovie
Dec 2017

We have enjoyed the stay at Kibbutz Lavi this Shabbos weekend. Thank you for arranging that.
Dec 2017


Just a quick note to tell you how much we enjoyed your one-day tour to the Golan Heights last Sunday.

We have taken many Artzeinu tours in previous years, but this tour was absolutely the best.

The tour guide, Dovid Cubac, was outstanding. The ages of the tour participants ranged from teenagers to senior citizens, and Dovid was able to expertly engage everyone throughout the day. His knowledge of the places which we visited was phenomenal.

We are looking forward to our next tour with Artzeinu, and we hope it will be led by Dovid,

Kul tov,

Dec 2017

Dear Sirs

I participated in your tour on 4 September of the Kivrei Tzadikim. Our guide was Haim Sidor.

I am writing to say how much I enjoyed the tour. You could not find a more erudite and experienced guide than Haim.

We were a diverse group yet Haim packaged a commentary full of Torah haskofoh and learning in such a way that everyone enjoyed it and questioned more and more. It was truly delightful to see how he captivated the group with authentic Torah values and stories of gedolim. His cheerful and kind personality was also a pleasure.

Haim gave each participant more than a day trip; he gave lessons for life.

I wish your company well and look forward to being in touch again.

With all good wishes for a kesiva vehasima tova.


Marc M.
Sept 2017

Thank you for your great tours I recently had with Daniel and Chaim who were terrific.
I will recommend you to others and look forward to booking with you
again. Shanah Tova!H.H.
Aug 2017

I want to recommend you — I think you are both professional, erlich and extremely nice you are a amazing place

R’ K.
Hotel, Aug 2017


Just a note to tell you how happy we were with your tours. We went with Moish and with Shaya and enjoyed both very much. We just completed a private tour of Ir David with Moish and it was one of the best tours we ever took!
Thanks for all you do.
Baruch, Rochelle and Elchanan W.
Aug 2017

Just wanted to let you know that Eli was excellent today really enjoyed. Thank you!!!

Private Tour, Aug 2017

We really enjoyed the tours a lot, and had a great time.

Thank You

Yakov & Rachel B.
Tours, Aug 2017

Thank you for the many wonderful trips my son and I went on during our visit to Eretz Yisrael.


Tours, Aug 2017

Dear Artzeinu Tours,
We just wanted to tell you what a great time we had on all 3 Artzeinu tours (Bar Kochba caves, Ir David and Tzefat). All three tour guides were very professional and knowledgeable about the subject areas. We especially appreciated Yosefs and Alan’s ability to quote from the Tanach at the drop of the hat! Haim was very entertaining and made a full day trip extremely comfortable. His ability to reach out to all ages is a testament to his fund of knowledge.
Thank you for a wonderful time!
Beverly and Toby B.
Philadelphia, PA
Aug 2017

We had a wonderful trip to Hevron and Kever Rochel and Gush Etzion today with the tour guide Mr Selig – he was outstanding. We are looking forward to our next tour
Australia (July 2016)

… By the way, Daniel is great!  I hope we have him again!!
Hevron, Kever Rachel & Gush Etzion Tour (July 2016)

Just wanted to let you know that the new tour was great, as was the guide and driver. Again the tour was terrific

H.H. Land of the Mishna Tour, Sep ’16 

Thank you.  The tours and guides were exactly what we were after.  We will be back next year.  We’ll tour the north when we’re back.
Warmest regards
Multiple Tours, August ’16

We had a really nice time on the jeep tour. Thank you!
Shmuel Jeep Excursion, Oct 2016

We have been coming back for years because we appreciate your wonderful blend of information and inspiration in a way that addresses the needs of audiences of all ages.

Otzar HaStam was excellent – fascinating! We loved it. Jeeping was amazing. Super driver. We loved walking in water. You did an excellent job with the itinerary and the customer service and response time was superior. G. K. Private Tours (June 2016)

Just a few words to say that my son and I found your tours and especially your tour guides exceptional and inspirational. We had an action packed short few days in Eretz Yisroel and when I asked my 12 year old son last night to highlight one area which he enjoyed the most and he said ‘it was all amazing’. Thanks again and look forward to joining you with my family next time and will not hesitate to recommend you to others. Wishing you and your team continued hatzlocha. Kol tuv
Manchester, UK (June 2016)

The Old City tour was amazing! Thank you! We wish we could have done it for longer and are impressed with the amount of information our tour guide gave us in such a short trip. I had a wonderful time on your tours. Thank you!
T.Y. Old City & other tours (June 2016)

Thank you for arranging the Ir Dovid tour; we enjoyed both the tour and the tour guide.

M.L. Ir David Tour (May 2016)

I wanted to thank you; Zvi was easy going and understanding of our group and it was a day after getting here so he was amazing. We accomplished all the places we planned, even a little on Har Hazeisim, so thanks again.
Avrum Private Old City Tour (May 2016)

Yoni did a great job.
R.A. Kotel Tunnel, South Wall Excavations & Old City Tour (May 2016)

We had a wonderful stay in Israel. Thank you so much for all your help.
You were all so patient, informative & helpful. Everything went really smoothly. We would gladly use your services again in the future.
Hotel for Pesach 2016

We loved the Kotel Tunnels tour last Friday!
(April 2016) Kotel Tunnels & South Wall Excavations

We hope to visit Israel (and for sure Hebron) at the end of this year. If so, we will contact with you. We had a great impression after our previous visit to Israel. Thank for your help.

Z.O. & Family

We toured with you twice and had great experiences with your guides and company!


We wanted to thank you for the tour on Sunday. The tour guide (Zvi) was great. He was so incredibly knowledgeable! We were so impressed!


(April 2016) Galil Tour

The tours, and tour guides (Moish and Yoni) were wonderful.
Thank you!
(February 2016), Masada Tour & Kotel Tunnels Tour

The Ir David tour was truly an enjoyable tiyul. The guide was very good and informative.

Thank you

(March 2016) , Ir David Tour

We had a wonderful tour today with Moish – he was so fantastic!!!

We are so saddened to leave Eretz Yisrael- we had an amazing, special time! Thank you so much for your help in making our dream trip a reality – I could not have planned it with as much menuchas hanefesh without you!
We will definitely recommend your service to others and will use you again in the future b”H!! (Will you be offering tours of the Beis Hamikdash soon? b”H!) :)
Wishing you all the best and good Shabbos!!!
The D…s, Montreal
(February 2016), Masada Tour

Your tour guide, Moish, was fantastic – he was extremely knowledgeable, had a great sense of humor, and knew every nook and cranny of everywhere we went! He really gave it his all and made sure that we would all have a great time! I will highly recommend Artzeinu Tours to everyone I know who is traveling to Israel! Z.S. (February 2016), Rosh Hanikra Tour

I wanted to take the time to let you know how much I enjoyed the tours I took with Artzeinu. This was my first trip to Eretz Yisroel, and the five tours I took helped to make it both extremely memorable and very meaningful. I had three different tour guides, and I found them all to be very knowledgeable; very, very patient, kind, witty, and basically just fun to be around. There was a little overlap in a few of the tours, and I found that each tour guide complimented what the other said rather being repetitious. Please convey my thanks to Moshe, Yoni, and Daniel for the awesome job each one did in their own way. I especially appreciated the frum outlook on each tour. As you say on your site, these tours really and truly brought Tanach to life for me. It was the most amazing feeling to walk through our history. I also appreciate the wide selection you have that covers so much of the country. Your office staff was also very easy to work with (especially with all the changes and flipping things around that I did!). I am very grateful to the gift your tours have given me. I got to see and learn so much about Eretz Yisroel. Friends had offered to take me around, but I feel that I got so much more from the tours. Thank you again for such a fantastic time. I am looking forward to take a few more tours IY”H on my next trip. (Hopefully it won’t take me 50 years to get there this time!) Leah (January-February 2016) http://jewwithanattitude.blogspot.com/

We booked your jeeping tour and it was an incredible experience! The guide was very friendly and knowledgeable, the tour was fun. Definitely would recommend, and definitely would go again. Thank you.

E.Y. (January 2016)

We had a great time on all the tours, it was truly an enjoyable experience. Thank you!!! We had an amazing time and have already recommended you to friends and family. My in-laws will Iy”H be visiting Israel this winter and will be sure to call you. D.A., (August 2015)

We will never forget that Friday Kosel tour from R’ Yeshayahu which impressed my six year old that he replayed it many times! We wish we could have stayed longer but we have to get back to reality. M.F. (August 2015)

Thanks for all of your help! We’ve had a great time and everything was well organized. C.S., Toronto (August 2015)

Just got back from the 2 day Galil tour and wanted to tell you thank you so much!! It completely exceeded my expectations. We had a fabulous time, with the perfect blend of child-friendly, nature and ruchniyus activities… and I really appreciated how so many details were thought of. The tour guide and his wife both worked really hard and were terrific. THANK YOU! D.F., (August 2015)

I would like to thank you so much for making this trip with my daughter and granddaughter so memorable. I have been in Israel many times and have taken private tours in the past. I must say each and every guide is so knowledgeable and able to give over the information with so much excitement! Great history, great kedushah, great humour. Not for one minute were we bored or even tired! The groups were nice and intimate and not too big. Chaim was fabulous! My son-in-law loved how he tied in everything to the Torah, and my granddaughter loved his stories. Yoni was so warm, flexible and geared the trip beautifully to our group, and understood the needs of the kids, which was exactly what we are looking for. He has a wealth of knowledge! The jeep tour was also a great surprise. It was crazy fun but he (Daniel) also made the desert hills alive with history. The piece de resistance was Baruch in the old city. He has such a passion for what he is explaining, showed us things we never saw before, it ended our trip with the greatest taste on our hearts. The organization aspect was great, we didn’t have to worry about anything! Thanks again, and we will be glad to spread the word! M. Harris, (July 2015)

We just wanted to say we had a wonderful time today. We appreciate your willing to take us anywhere and your information was interesting to hear. We all enjoyed ourselves, especially the kids. S. Sugar, Toronto (July 2015)

Thank you so much for making my family have the greatest trip of a lifetime. I. Botwinick (June 2015)

We had the best time on the Tiberius/Tzfat tour. The driver was excellent. He drove well and safely. Chaim Sidor was extraordinary. His knowledge was comprehensive and his delivery well paced. He made the women very comfortable. He regaled us with stories and facts and displayed a love for Israel and for the history of the area. The women had the best time. The rabbanit who is extremely knowledgeable in her own right, was most impressed. My thanks to him and to you for selecting him. Janet (May 2015)

There is a saying that says ” all’s well that’s ends well” that was never truer than last Sunday. I want to thank you for doing what could have been a disaster into something great. Our tour with Rockie was wonderful. He made our day terrific. R and I want to thank you for your efforts. K. Kramen (May 2015)

I must commend Daniel for doing an outstanding job this morning on our 4 hour Tanach jeep tour! He was knowledgable, friendly, patient, and simply fun to be with! He also was an expert driver – going places I never thought even a jeep could climb :-) All in all it was a wonderful experience and highly recommended! M. Friedman, NY (May 2015)

Dear Rabbi and Mrs. Jacobs, My husband and myself took the Ein Gedi, Massada and Yam Hamelech, and the Negev tours last week. Chaim was our tour guide. Both myself and my husband found the tours to be very interesting. I have done a lot of touring in Israel yet learned and experienced many new things on these tours. It was the first time my husband took these tours and found them to be very good and informative. Chaim was very receptive to questions and answered them knowledgeably. I felt Chaim was also sensitive to the diverse needs of everyone on the tours. Thank you, R. Cohn, (February 2015)

I went on quite a few tours between January 11 and January 23. This was my first time to Eretz Yisroel and I am 42 years old! First, I want to let you know that I really enjoyed Yoni on the Ir Dovid and Kotel Tunnel tours. He is very knowledgeable and pleasant to listen to. I also enjoyed a second time of Ir Dovid with Baruch. He was also very knowledgeable and – you know – there was plenty of different information that he zeroed in on. I loved them all!! I then went on bus tours with Artzeinu – first to Masada and then to Rosh Hanikrah. Chaim is really amazing!! Again, thanks so much for giving an excellent, amazing and very enlightening trip to Eretz Yisroel. I couldn’t ask for better! R.S., NY (February 2015)

I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the tours we took with you. On Jan. 22 we went to Masada with Chaim. On Jan. 25 Baruch (Brian) gave us a tour around the old city and the Kotel Tunnels. All the tours were excellent. I enjoyed how heartfelt they were. I would recommend them in the future. Nina Orenstein (March 2015)

A quick note to let you know how happy we were with our tour guide and driver to Mazada, Ein Gedi, and the Dead Sea. Haim Sidor was informative, humorous and patient. Our driver Yaniv was excellent. Thank you for a wonderful day. Esther Feuer Fertel on February 2, 2015

A great day was had by all. Haim gave an interesting and chock full of facts and tidbits of Jewish and political history of our land. He was professional and courteous to all. What a delight to be with him on the tour. Ps. Our driver was also a pro and nice too. Thanks Rosie Weiss


I just wanted to say what a great time we had on our Old City and Kotel Tunnel tours with Yoni. He was a facinating tour guide. Our additional tour of the Temple Institute was one of the two best experiences my children had on the entire trip. He connected with our kids and really made the Beis HaMikdash come alive for them. We will definitely recommend your tours to all our friends.

Thank you,

Naomi and Dovid Speiser from New York on January 18, 2015

Hi, I am back from Israel now, and just wanted to express my thanks for all the help and guidance in advance of my trip, and indeed for the two day tour to the Gallil and the Golan, which was a wonderful experience. Our guide for both days, Chaim Sidor, was first class. Very knowledgeable, articulate, and personable, he really brought things to life for myself and the tour groups, with lots of interesting information delivered with passion and with humour. No question was too simple, and he was patient with our sometimes less than perfect timekeeping, but firm enough to ensure we stayed on track. I would certainly love to go on another tour led by Chaim. Both drivers, Yaacov and Meir, were very pleasant people and skilled drivers. Many thanks. Shlomi Isaacson from England on January 26. 2015

We really enjoyed the tour guide today, Yishaya Jacobs. My kids hung in there and, ultimately experienced a meaningful day. We loved Ilan, our jeep tour guide yesterday and had a fabulous day! We’re so enjoying this wonderful weather and being in the Holy Land.
Thank you again for all of your help.
Robin Loeb from Chicago, IL January 22, 2015

A great day was had by all. Haim gave an interesting tour and chock full of facts and tidbits of Jewish and political history of our land. He was professional and courteous to all. What a delight to be with him on tour. Ps. Our driver was also a pro and nice too. Thanks Rosie Weiss on January 25, 2014

I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our tour with chaim from artzeinu tours so much. he was so knowledgable and friendly. the sites were absolutely breathtaking. he didnt waste any time, we saw such beauty of eretz yisrael with story after story from Tanach and History all the way. thank you, Naomi Schwartz from Silver Spring Maryland Jan 27 2014

The tour yesterday was phenomenal! The tour guide Chaim shared the perfect combination of Jewish history and modern information regarding the sights we passed and visited. I would highly recommend this tour and join another one in the future! Thank you-Faygie and Jay Hellman Jan 23, 2014

Hi, I’m emailing to you let you know I took your tour of Rosh Hanikra, Haifa, and Acco, and had a wonderful time! The tour was fantastic! Chaim, our tour guide, was great! He provided a lot of great informatio, and really made the tour an experience to be remembered! My thanks to him and your tour company! Phillip Perri Jan 26,2014

Hi! We really loved our Kotel tunnels tour. Yeshaya was an excellent tour guide- thank you! We’re looking forward to tomorrow’s tour of the Old City. Thank you! Nicole Dietz Jan 28,2014

Dear Chana: We are back from Israel and had a wonderful trip and tour thanks to your company. We were a little worried that Hayim might be a little too religious for us, although Dovid said he was the best and could handle any level group. And Dovid was correct!! Our entire family enjoyed Hayim from the youngest to the oldest ( me ). He was able to talk to the kids and kept their interest up nearly all the time. And the Parents were also pleased with the amount and presentation of all of history, geography, and sights in the land of Israel. He was nearly perfect and met all of our needs and expectations. Our Bus driver, Michael was equally good and careful and we never felt threatened or worried with his driving. We were surprised to learn he owned the bus, but I guess that made him even more careful. Nearly all of the arrangements worked out perfectly including hotels, stopping for meals and sites and tours. We wasted very little time and saw nearly everything on the itinerary. We were more than satisfied with the entire trip. All of the hotels were good, with David Citadel and the TLV Hilton being outstanding. You can certainly add our name to your list of very satisfied clients and you are welcome to let future clients contact me if that will convince them to use your service. On behalf of entire family thank you again Marcia & Alvin Sachs July 10,2013

Hello Chana, We had an off the charts wonderful time in Eretz Yisrael and I want to thank you for helping us plan the itinerary. Brett Ruskin July 11, 2013

Yeshayahu was superb! Kevin Percal July 23,2013

Dear Rivkah, Just a note to thank you for an excellent tour. Chaim was very instructive and a pleasure to be with. We enjoyed learning so much about Israel and the Negev. We look forward to more Artzeinu tours when we return. All the best, Barry and Carole Lynn Nov 10,2013

Dear Rivkah I just wanted to share some feedback with you regarding the tours we took with Artzeinu the week of November 19- 27. Our trip to Masada, Ein Gedi, and Yam Hamelach was wonderful. Daniel had the challenge of catering to a wide age range and an even wider range of abilities and while it may have been difficult for him, he did an outstanding job of juggling everyone’s needs so that everyone felt accomplished, learned something, and had an enjoyable time. He made a point of getting motorized scooters for those who could not walk and accommodated those of us who wanted to hike up the mountain without infringing on anyone else’s experience. He was able to answer a range of questions as well. Our trip to the north on Sunday with Chaim was truly memorable. You were correct when you said that Chaim is a walking encyclopedia! He spoke non-stop during the entire trip and pointed out the various landmarks as we drove past. His ability to answer questions off the cuff was rather impressive and his patience in answering some of the questions was truly remarkable. While it was a bit rushed, I would not have wanted to miss any of the places we visited and regret that we were not able to stop at the kever of Rabbi Meir Baal Hanes. Perhaps this trip should leave earlier in the morning so as to allow for the opportunity to truly appreciate these mekomos kedoshim to their fullest. I was pleased that even my 18 year old son was also able to appreciate this tour. Sincerely, Maggie Silver Dec. 3, 2013

Thank you. You’ve been a pleasure to work with, so helpful and informative. You have a phenomenal staff! I would definitely recommend you to anyone I speak to! Nechama Simon Jan 20, 2014

To Artzeinu Tours Firstly, I would like to thank you for the most outstanding and informative tours we experienced through Artzeinu tours this past summer. Tanach and History came alive, and I feel like I know so much about each of the areas I visited on your tours. Chaim and Yeshayahu are both fantastic and energetic guides. Thank you again for allowing me to experience Eretz Yisroel in the most amazing way possible. May you be zoche to continue guiding tours until Moshiach IY”H! Thank you so much! Bracha Roberg and Rochel Honig. September 8, 2013

Having just returned from a visit to Eretz Yisroel with my son prior to his becoming Bar Mitzvah I am writing to thank you for a most exhilarating tour which set the tone for our entire trip. Reb Yeshaya, you put your entire neshomo into making Am Yisroel at one with Eretz Yisroel – גוי אחד בארץ. Your enthusiasm is infectious and enduring. As a lecturer in & teacher of, among other things, Nach and Jewish history I admire your command and easy delivery. I hope to be able to transfer some of that to my own methodology. We shall be back for more and have no hesitation in recommending Artzeinu Tours to anyone who wants an authentic encounter with ארצנו הקדשה. א גרויסא ישר כחך. Wishing you aכתיבה וחתימה טובה . Eliezer Littlestone

We had a great time in Israel. We enjoyed the tours. Chaim was absolutely our favorite. He had energy and great stories but most of all he engaged everyone especially our kids which made the tour more enjoyable for us as well. Thank you so much for all your help. Sandy

I took 3 tours with Artzeinu and had a great time! The guides were great! Artzeinu is the best way to spend a short amount of time in Erezt Yisrael and still feel like you explored the whole country.

Eitan A

Hi, My name is Sarah A; I don’t know if you recall but this past December my 2 sisters and I went on the Massada, Ein Gedi and Dead Sea tour (as per Debbie Rex’s referring us to you). To say that it was our best tour we went on (and we had been to several other tours in Israel ) would be an understatement!!! Our only regret was that we didn’t use Artzeinu for all our tours.

My thanks would not be complete if I didn’ t mention tour guide par excellence-Chaim. Wow!! He literally made the tours come alive, kept us on our toes and crying from laughter…;)) So much so that when I was showing a video I recorded on the bus to my Mother, of Chaim telling a story about a bochur who fell asleep in the dead sea….she started laughing and was like he’s so funny!! How true… So, a huge thanks to Chaim!!!

Sarah A

Thanks. We loved our tour today! Great guide!

Barbara Pichette

Thank you for the most wonderful tour we had of the old city and the excavations on Monday May 21st.

Our wonderful tour guide Chaim was most informative and humorous. He really knows his stuff!!

We will remember you next time we are in Israel and will look you up again.

Thanks again.

Lots of hatzlocha – you are doing a wonderful job.

The Katz’s

Monsey,New York

Hi, We just got back from Israel and just wanted to thank you so much for the amazing tours we took with you. We had Chaim as our guide for the 2 day trip to the north, for the Massada-EinGedi-Dead Sea tour, and for the kotel tunnel tours. He was an amazing guide, full of knowledge and information that made the sites so much more interesting. My husband had been to many of these sites in the past without a guide, and he said that those times pale in comparison to when we went there with Chaim.Thanks again and much continued hatzlacha.The Frieds

Dear Rabbi and Mrs. Jacobs: My wife and I have had the pleasure of taking four Artzeinu tours (Galil, Negev, Dead Sea and West Coast) over the past two weeks with Haim Sidor as our tour guide. This is Jane’s first trip to Israel and my second. We feel like we have visited most of the country except for Eilat. Each tour has taken us to places of which had never heard as well as well known locations.
Haim Sidor is a most knowledgeable and affable man. We have learned so much from him at each location and during our van rides. His network of personal contacts at many of the sites has allowed us to see places other tourist might miss. Haim is a real teacher: he is a guide to new learning.
We are both well educated in Judaism and come from Reform and Conservative backgrounds. Most of the men, women and children on our tours were frum. At first we felt a bit out of place, but that feeling soon dissipated and if anything it gave us the opportunity to learn more about their practices and beliefs. Most of the people on our tours were delightful and we came to appreciated their spirituality. By our second tour I was wearing a kipah on the van and a hat at the tour sites. I was also was moved dovening mincha with the other men on the tour at places like Meron and the Tunisian synogague in Acre.
Our Artzeinu Tours helped to make our visit to Eretz Yisrael an experience we will never forget.
Thank you so much,
Dennis (and Jane) Satanoff

Cherry Hill NJ

My son and I had a truly amazing experience with artzeinu last week- on Sunday with Chaim on the galil tour- and on Wednesday afternoon on the jeeping trip! Both were the highlights of our stay in eretz yisroel.

Thank you again! Thanks Akiva Bergman

we’re finally catching up after being back a week :-( – we miss israel anyhow – wanted to give you folks some wonderful feedback for your website…. we took two tours w/artzeinu – both led by chaim – the ramparts walk & the kotel tunnels tour – he was great guide, he combined religion, humor, history & politics to make the tours educational and entertaining – the ramparts walk was a special tour just for the two of us and we had a family join us the next day for the tunnels and chaim adjusted his spiel to fit the group. Wonderful experience and we would recommend highly to anyone looking for tours while in Israel. Plus the fact that artzeinu was able to save us some money on our hotel bookings was icing on the cake. Great company, flexible and easy to work with. Thanks guys!!!! Joe Rutch

My husband and I just returned to NY after spending 11 amazing days in Israel visiting our son and touring with Artzeinu! We had the privilege of going on five wonderful tours with Haim Sidor as our tour guide. His vast amount of knowledge in history and tanach is very impressive and he was a fantastic guide on our trips! He was also very entertaining, so if you have the privilege of touring with him you are in for a real treat. Our son, Yoni, who is learning in Israel for the year, really appreciated his touring style and had a fabulous time as well! Thank you Haim, for making our trip to Israel so memorable and wonderful! All the best to the entire Artzeinu family…..and thanks again :-) Shari & David Stetch and Yoni Stetch

Dear Rabbi and Mrs. Jacobs and Artzeinu Staff, Thank you , Thank you , Thank you! Our recent tour to Eretz Yisrael was fantastic, largely because of you! The hotel reservations, the back and forth emails, and especially the expert tour guides (my favorite was the one for the Kotel tunnels!). Everything was perfect! My friend, Robert Loeb, had a wonderful time on his first visit to EY. I hope you have the nachas of all the lives you touch through your tours. May we hear besuros tovos in EY, and soon be able to tour the entire har habayis! Thank you, Mrs. Jacobs, for your book. It is very inspirational! I hope to be in touch sooner than later! Menashe

Rabbi Goldberger I just wanted to get back to you regarding the tour we took while we were in Israel. On Feb 21rst, my family took a tour with Chaim Sidor to Masada, Ein Gedi, and the Dead Sea. I just wanted to let you know that Chaim was great. He made the tour fun and interesting. The information he had on the different sites was endless. He was friendly and approachable. The tour was well organized and just great. We will definitely want to go on future tours with him during our next visit to Israel and will highly recommend him to our friends. Thanks for a wonderful time. Sincerely, Yonah and Stephanie Terebelo

Chana, We just arrived back in Chicago. I wanted to thank you again for all your help and accommodation for our tour. It was a great way to end our trip and we could not have been happier. We also appreciate your being able to help with rescheduling under the circumstances. We’d be happy to use Artzeinu again for our next trip. Thanks, — Gabriel Prero, IDSA Industrial Design

Hi. My name is Rebecca Feldman and my husband Shimon and I took a few tours last January with Chaim. This is a little late, but we wanted to say how wonderful he was and how much we enjoyed the tours. Also, we wanted to pass on a wonderful story. On the tour to Tzefat, Chaim took our group to a shul in which he told us the story of how many couples have come to visit and sat in the Kisei Shel Eliyahu. Many couples after sitting on the Kisei had a baby boy nine months later. My husband and I were newlyweds at the time and everyone laughed and thought how cute it was that we would sit in the Kisei together. Well, B”H 9 months later to the week, we welcomed our precious baby boy, our bchor. We want to thank Artzeinu and Chaim for giving us our wonderful trip, and we continue to recommend many of our friends and family to take their tours with you! Thank you so much and if you can please pass our tremendous thank you to Chaim, he really made our visit special and especially for my husband, as it was his first time in Israel. Rebecca Feldman

Shalom, I had to write to tell you about my experience with Artzeinu Tours. This was my first trip to Israel and in less than 10 days had to pack in as much as I could. One of my friends suggested we use you. On Tuesday January 24we took your trip to Ein Gedi, Masada and the Dead Sea. Chaim was our tour guide. I can not tell you what an amazing experience it was. Besides the sites, Chaim is very knowledgeable, friendly, and lots of fun to be with. He really knew what he was talking about. He never spoke to much or too little. Our day was awesome. On Wednesday we took your tour to Rosh HaNikrah, Acco, Cassarea, Haifa. Much to our delight, Chaim was our tour guide again. We were so happy. While the group was much smaller, the tour was just as fabulous. Thank you for making our trip so great. I look forward to returning to Israel and will most definitely tour with Artzeinu again. I will also recommend you to everyone we know. Thanks David Mandel Masada, Ein Gedi and Dead Sea

Hi. I just wanted to thank you. My daughter and I really enjoyed both tours very much! Faigy Zweig Hevron Tour

We really enjoyed the tour and Yishiahu’s enthusiasm and knowledge. We didn’t know he was a rabbi. Thanks so much. So glad we started our Jerusalem visit with him. Susan Schulman

Hi Sheera we wanted to write Haim an email, we lost his info. Could you send us his email.? He was wonderful!!! we have several families in our community going to israel soon and we are referring them to you. Best ,Ingrid and David Edery

Hi Chana and Rivkah, I want to thank you for the most interesting tour of Yad Vashem. Chaim is very knowledgeable, and without his help we would not be able to get the most out of our visit. G-d willing, I am looking forward to working with you in the future. Miriam Kohane

To: artzeinu Subject: RE: Artzeinu tours in nov 2011 Just wanted to drop you a note and say that we had a great time on your two tours; the jeep tour with Daniel and the Masada/Ein Gedi tour with Chaim – both great tour guides. Thanks again for all your help.

Avi Dreyfuss Subject: Fantastic tour guide Last Sunday, I took a tour through Ir David (David’s City) with Haim Sidor. Wow! is all that I can say. He explained everything so clearly and in such detail–it was a real learning experience. I hope to take the tour to Tzsfat with him when I return. He is so knowledgeable–I wouldn’t trust anyone else. Thank you for sending him our way, Sincerely, Dvorah Zidell

Hello, I am writing to happily inform Artzeinu tours how much my parents and I enjoyed our tours last week. On Wednesday morning we joined the City of David tour (the guide’s name was Haim) and on Friday morning we went on the Kotel Tunnel/Southern Wall tour with Yishayahu the guide. Both tours were amazing in their own right, and truly brought the history of our Temple, and our people, to life. It was so great to have a historical tour with a Torah perspective. The guides brought in pesukim and midrashim which really made everything tie together nicely. I look forward to B”H joining more Artzeinu tours in the future!! Thanks again, Danit Vatagsky

Shalom. Today we had a tour with Chayim. We enjoyed it very much. I will strongly recommend the Artzeinu Tours and Chayim in particular to my friends and if we have some extra time we’ll take more of your tours. It is very important that you present the information from the Torah standpoint. Shabbat Shalom! Kirill Tuchin

Dear Rivka: We are writing to express our appreciation to Haim Sidor, our tour guide, for providing a wonderful trip to Tevriah, Amuka. Meron amd Tzefas. His knowledge of history, geography, and of course Torah made for a very informative experience. His presentation and comments were interesting, and we truly enjoyed his sense of humor. We will certainly recommend this tour to our friends and family, and we hope to IY”H use Artzeinu and Haim on our next trip. Shmuel and Yocheved Prager P.S. Of course, we also want to recognize the competence of our driver, especially on those curvy and narrow roads STEVEN D. PRAGER Krieger & Prager LLP, NY

Rivkah, First of all I really want to thank you for all the considerations you’ve taken in regarding the difficulties we’ve had this week… … The tour today to the Old City was just amazing! Once again (and I’ve been on quite of few tours with Chaim), Chaim did a wonderful job not just showing us around, but the depth of his explanations and stories of history in such detail were amazing. Even my son, who has never learned this kind of history of Eretz Yisrael in his yeshiva, was so “into” it (although he doesn’t show his feelings “on his sleeve”), I knew from his expressions and his feedback on the way home. He has learned so much in this one week! Since I didn’t tell him about receiving the book because I felt it should be a surprise, he was really surprised!!! He couldn’t wait to sit on the bus back to Efrat to see what it was all about. He even said – “guess I have some good reading material for the plane ride!”… … If, in fact, dedicating a book is an option, I would love to dedicate it in honor of my son’s bar mitzvah (Yaakov Baruch ben Mordechai Yehuda) and in honor of Chaim Sidor for making all our visits (this year and in past) most memorable. Once again, thank you for everything!!! Susan Goldstein

just to let you know that we had a great time when we went on a tour witth chaim on pesach Mayer Adler Thank you & a gut yom-tov to you.

I greatly enjoyed the tour we took with you. I want to commend you on your good services, your attention to all our questions & requests, your timely responses. I am definitely recommending you to others if they need your services. Matie Brumer, RSW

Subject: Thank You – Rivka Jacobs Dear Mrs. Jacobs, I’d like to formally thank you and Artzeinu on behalf of my class for the amazing trip that you guys put together for us. From the informative to the fun, you guys really helped us see the major spots in a short time and sensitive budget. I’d like to praise both Chaim and Yeshayhu for their knowledge and understanding of our groups needs (as well as apologize for any moments where some of my classmates may have been a little disrespectful). It was for me, a truly inspiring trip thanks to both of them. Please pass on my praise and thanks to them. I’d like to personally thank you for all the hard work that you personally put in to make this trip such a success. I know you probably don’t work with such a tight budget so often, so thank you for accommodating. I really appreciate all the time you spent responding to my lengthy emails and requests and for customizing the trip to best fill our needs. I would also like to thank you for the book (I plan on reading it very soon), it really means a lot. I will for sure pass on Artzeinu to others who plan on going to Israel because of our success (including next year’s senior class…if you’re willing:).) Again thank you so much for EVERYTHING! Joey Davis and the TTI Seniors of 2011

Subject: thanks Hi. I wanted to thank you for making our trip so memorable. Our tour with Chaim in the old city was fascinating. I could have spent much more time there. and my son and the kids are still talking about the jeep trip. I can’t wait to come back and take advantage of many more services you offer. Thanks again. Devorah Kroll Monsey

Unfortunately it has been many years since I have last been in Eretz Yisrael but I just wanted to say that I think you guys are great and I have really enjoyed all the tours I have taken with you. Your tours are informative, meaningful and inspirational. I wish you, your family and your guides a Chag Kasher V’sameach. Aaron Solomon

Hi, My husband, kids, father and brother went on a tiyul with Itamar today. They came back after having an AMAZING trip. They said that Itamar was good with the kids, exciting and informative, congenial, funny and a real pleasure to work with. They only have fantastic memories of today! Thanks so much! Na’ama Schechter bns1@neto.bezeqint.net

My son, myself and a friend of ours took quite a number of tours with you. I can say that without a doubt that I will reccommned your group to anyone I know going to Israel. Informative, and fun at the same time, the tours exceeded my expectations each and every day. I cant wait until i can go again so i can take the tours with you a second time! Ruben B Leibowitz Thank you for the wonderful tour in Jerusalem. Our guide Haim was amazing. His knowledge of the history of Ir David and the Kotel were astonishing. We will recommend these tours to all of our friends. Thank you, Meir Babaev

Artzeinu tours are absolutely wonderful! The tour guides describe each site through the “eyes” of 3500 years of Jewish history as related through Tanach, Gemorrah, Medrash, and other Jewish sources. Chaim is an especially skilled tour guide. He is a fountain of knowledge who constantly provides new knowledge and insights throughout the day. David Silberberg

Hi, My name is Bayruch Goldwasser. I was checking my old email for when I went on you tour to Tzfat last year. Based on the emails back and forth (see below) I believe it was on Sunday November 29th 2009. I was wondering if you could pass a message onto the guide we had. His name is Chaim, he has a white beard and walks with a cane. He told uswhen we were visiting one of the shuls that when a married couple sits in the kiseh shel eliyahu, there is a segula to have a baby boy within a year. My wife and I sat in the seat and IYH we will be making a bris next Wednesday December 1! The bris will be just within a year. You can give him my email address as well. Also would it be possible to find out which date it was for sure (it was either Sunday Monday or Tuesday of that week). Thank you and Chanuka Sameach next week! Bayruch and Tova Goldwasser

Dear Artzeinu, We took two of our grandchildren to Israel this August and did two of your tours. We went to Masada on 8/10/10 with Chaim and on a jeep tour with Leeor on 8/12/10. They were both terrific. We all thoroughly enjoyed the tours. Thank you for a terrific experience. sincerely Miriam Singer


To everyone at Artzeinu, I have just been on two tours with artzeinu tours with my 12 year old son. I cannot speak highly enough of all the people I dealt with, in particular, Chaim. He is an awesome tour guide and was the difference between a good tour and an absolutely fantastic one !! His knowledge is incredible ! I will have no hesitation in recommending Artzeinu and look forward to attending more tours in future iy”h. Kol tuv Anthony Cohen London

I just received my bill. I can’t believe my son Dovid Teddy and I went on so many tours all over Jerusalem, Tiveria, Caesaria, Haifa, Tsfat, Masada, Dead Sea, Hebron and Keva Rachel, for so little. We had the best time and thoroughly enjoyed all the tours. Rabbi Jacobs and Haim are so knowledgeable and informative. Now that my son Noah lives in Jerusalem, I am sure we will be back for another visit soon and will schedule more tours (ie. Eilat and Tel Aviv).Our best regards to Rivkah and Miriam who kept us on schedule and recommended the tours we took. I have been recommending Artzenu to all our friends who may be visiting Israel next year. We wish you all should be written in the book for a good and healthy year. Art Kraut

We too took three tours last summer. All amazing.I have recommended Artzeinu to anyone interested. Like most of your reviews, we especially liked Chaim. Hope we can return soon to Israel and would definately like to take the Massada tour at night! Ellen Newman

Thank you for the Kosel tunnel tour I took with Mr Chaim Sidor last friday am. It was informative and memorable and I appreciated the Torah perspective he highlighted throughout. Next visit I hope to join you again! Tonda R Fistell

We thoroughly enjoyed our two tours with our excellent tour guide Chaim Sidor (not front door). Friday 1/29/10 and monday 2/1/10 . Helen and Warren Klein (the Dentist).

We went on the Ein Gedi/Massada/Dead Sea tour with Haim Sidor and it was fantastic. Haim was intelligent, entertaining, enthusiastic, patient and a pleasure to spend time with.I also want to thank Rivkah for her assistance from the office. She made this tour possible for us.Thanks Haim, Thanks Rivkah, Thanks Artzeinu! Mark Frankel

Deborah & I had a fabulous time on your tours with Haim. He is the best guide ever. Everyone remarked about his knowledge and insight. Steven & Deborah Pochtar

Dear Artzeinu, My daughter and I just returned from Israel and we had the opportunity to go on 2 Awesome Artzeinu tours. We went on the Galil Tour and the Kever Rochel/Chevron Tour. Our tour guide Chaim was so informative and filled with facts and entertaining stories, all told with enthusiasm and passion for the land. I would never have been able to convey the information to my daughter in the same way. I have been telling over so many things I learned from Chaim to my friends and spreading the word about Artzeinu Tours. I am sure our paths will cross again! May you be blessed to continue your wonderful work of showing tourists the land with a Torah perspective! Debbie Rex Lakewood, NJ.

Mrs Jacob, Unfortunately it has been many years since I have last been in Eretz Yisrael but I just wanted to say that I think you guys are great and I have really enjoyed all the tours I have taken with you. Your tours are informative, meaningful and inspirational. I wish you, your family and your guides a Chag Kasher V’sameach. Aaron Solomon aaronso@bhphoto.com

We had the best time of our lives! Haim Sidor is a remarkable tour guide. He incorporated his huge understanding of History and Torah into spellbinding tours of Israel. We learned so much and came away with with a deep love of Israel our homeland. We were not an observant family but since this trip my husband and sons believe in miracles and we are observing Shabbat again. We are even considering Aliyah. We highly recommend Artzeinu tours to all. Sandy Gordon

Thank you all for helping to make our trip great. The Kings Hotel in Jerusalem and the Galei Kineret in Tiberias were perfect. The tour in Jerusalem to the Ir David – Tunnel tour was great. I can’t remember the name of our guide as I have that home but he was wonderful. We arrived home Sunday evening and it is now Monday lunchtime and we are trying to get over our jet lag. Thank you again. Morris Weiss and Debby Weiss

Good morning Chaim, A personal thank you from Debby and I. Believe it or not since we had to take care of the older two kids in the group (while in the tunnel) we had more fun. That young girl B”H knew so much of Tenach is was a pleasure. Your presentation was perfect and we have advised our daughter and son-in-law to make sure they book this same tour with you as their guide. May Hashem give you Archat Yomim. Moishe Weiss and Debby Weiss

Hello. I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that the 3 tours we had these past few days were wonderful. We learned we played and had a great time. Thank you to all of you and our awesome guides! Kol Tuv! Rabbi Noam Abramchik, Dean Pacific Torah Institute Yeshiva Tifferess Moshe Aharon

Thank you for the wonderful tours you arranged over our 2 week visit to Israel for Pesach! We enjoyed each of them tremendously. Ending with our Friday (April 9) “jeeping”, the ride was fun, the views were incredible, the wading thru Nachal Prat and our guide Daniel made the outing interesting. Our children (teens) and their Israeli cousins (who’ve seen and done “everything already”) really enjoyed. Our trip to Yam Hamelach, Mazada, and Ein Gedi, on Thursday (April 8) with Chaim was a real full day, but well paced with hiking, nature, scenery,and history highlights. * We also found the “bar Kochva tunnels” trip with Chaim, the previous Thurs. (chol hamoed) to be a lot of fun, especially Radar Hill (I know its a serious site, but our kids enjoyed the climbing, seeing and doing), and of course the highlite-climbing thru the underground tunnels (yes, even I the 40+ mom of the group went thru- you can tell prospective tourists.) Sunday chol hamoed we went to Chevron, Maaras Hamachpela and Kever Rochel, not to be missed! Yehoshua was excellent. And thanks again for the airport transportation. That went well. Hoping to be back soon, and a big yasher co-ach and thanks. Rivka Himmel & family

Dear Artzeinu, I can’t begin to tell you that we had a lovey time as usually a big round of applause to Yeshaya & Rivkah who put in every trip there heart & soul! what a great team! it all starts off with Shaya’s jokes! & the way he presents the whole tour it is a geshmack! to be on the tours the one that was a week ago going up north was really great! & the one going to Chevron was also great. All I can say is keep up the great work which you have been doing & you should only have Hatzlacha & Bracha in all what you both do. Have a good Chodesh from the Bernsteins looking forward to going with Artzeinu Tours in the future be well have a כתימה וחתימה טובה for your whole family & for Kall Yisroal Avrumie Bernstein Yerushalayim

We just returned from a wonderful trip to eretz Yisrael. We went on 3 Artzeinu tours – the two day Galil/ Golan, the Bar Cochba Caves, and the Kotel Tunnel tours. Our guides were Yehaya Jacobs and Chaim Sidor. The tours were absolutely amazing – very informative and enjoyable ….. we look forward to the other Artzeinu tours on our future trips to eretz Yisrael. Thank you! The Linsky Family Abby Linsky New York

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience in Israel. It was great for me and my family. Both Yeshiya and Chaim were incredible. They conveyed not only information, but also vision and passion and, most of all, Torah. I don’t think we could have found better people to help pass on to our kids what Israel really means to a Jew. You are doing wonderful and holy work. God should be with you and bless you and your families and give you success and the continued strength to bring Jews closer to their land. Scott Reich San Diego,Calif

My parents just called me and they loved the tour. As always, Artzeinu did great. They really enjoyed their tour guide, Chaim. Thank you, Mindy Mandelbaum Ir David tour

I recently returned from my first-ever trip to Israel, during which I took two tours with Artzeinu–the Kotel Tunnels, and Ir Dovid. Both tours were led by Chaim Sidor, and I want to thank you and him for a wonderful experience! Chaim was incredibly knowledgeable and generous, and a fun companion to boot. I will recommend Artzeinu highly to my friends. In fact, I am already thinking about another visit to Israel in December, and I’m hoping to schedule another tour. Thanks again. Jason Arenstein June 14, 2008

New York, New York Just wanted to thank Artzeinu Tours for making our stay in Israel extra enjoyable. We took the Sunday tour to Tzefas, Teveria, and Amukah with our wonderful driver Michoel and excellent tour guide Chaim Sidor. We also took the Tuesday tour to Massada, Ein Gedi, and the Dead Sea. We had a wonderful driver and our tour guide was Eliyahu who was excellent as well. Once again thank you so much and keep up your good work. Eli & Malkie Ellie and Malkie Scher Waterbury , Conn.

My wife and I were on your 2 day tour up north in July. Our guide (Chaim) was fantastic. His knowledge of everywhere we went and everything we passed on the way was truly amazing. I recommend this tour to everybody. Even if you’ve been up north before. Stuart Goldstein Thank you for your tour!

I took my mother (this is her fourth visit & first tour) and one of my kids on the tour to Tevaria, Tzefas, Amuka & Meiron last Sunday (9 adar b). Your tour guide (Chaim Sidor) was incredible, humorous, and gave a refreshing view of history and contemporary politics, and made divrei Chazal come to life. (Even my nine year old son enjoyed it) I have lived here for almost seven years and have never (save for the trip to Haifa – which I was told in chu”l I wouldn’t have to make – to sign to release my lift) travelled anywhere north of Kiryat Sefer (and no south of Beit Shemesh, but that’s a different tour I’ll have to take one day). Thank you again, and I am eager to recommend Artzeinu tours to anyone visiting or like is like me and has lived here for some time & never gone anywhere outside of the Yershalayim-Bnei Brak areas. Sincerely, Dovid Lewin Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel Ir David tour

My parents just called me and they loved the tour. As always, Artzeinu did great. They really enjoyed their tour guide, Chaim. Thank you, Mindy Mandelbaum

To everyone at artzeinu I have just been on two tours with artzeinu tours with my 12 year old son. I cannot speak highly enough of all the people I dealt with, in particular, Chaim. He is an awesome tour guide and was the difference between a good tour and an absolutely fantastic one !! His knowledge is incredible ! I will have no hesitation in recommending Artzeinu and look forward to attending more tours in future iy”h. Kol tuv Anthony Cohen , London

To the staff @ Artzeinu, and especially our tour guide Chaim; A short note to say thank you for making our vacation in Eretz Yisroel so much more meaningful. Whether it was davening by the various kivrei Tzaddikim, walking through the tunnels of Ir Dovid or floating in the Dead Sea, we learned so much about our true homeland that we never knew before. May you only see Brocha in the work you do. Kol Tuv Ari & Esther Malka Blum

Rivkah, We wanted to thank you for the AMAZING tours and how well you and your staff worked with us in setting them up. Chaim was absolutely wonderful on all of the tours. Each tour was given with much enthusiasm and he answered all of our questions and commentaries. We were particularly impressed with his interaction with our children. Each day they would ask us if Chaim was leading the tour. Please send him our regards. Thank you very much. Elliot and Amy Kurtz

Thank you very much for the tours. I enjoyed them very much when I was in Israel. Keep it up and I will pass on your agency to people I know in the states. Lashana Tova!!! Harvey Ogun

My 12 year old daughter & I took a 2 day tour to the Galil and Golan in January with Chaim as our guide, and we couldn’t have had a better experience. Chaim may have degrees in botany, agriculture, political science & history under his belt somewhere! He had something to say the entire trip up to the north and always had interesting insights into the little things that many of us would not have noticed. Everything was run professionally and quite punctually & we hope to have the chance to go on another Artzeinu tour in the future! Leah Fink Olney Md.

My husband and I recently took an Artzeinu tour of the Galil (2 days). That Friday we also took your Tunnel Tour on the Kotel (with the South walls). To our delight Chaim Sider was the tour guide both times! He was knowledgeable, entertaining, FUNNY and able to defuse several sticky situations, (people taking too long, not coming back and holding up the bus, etc. He really kept up the pace and allowed us to have a WONDERFUL and very meaningful tour. We learned more from these tours than from most of our high school historia courses. He is also a very interesting and very nice individual to speak with on a personal basis. Consider yourselves fortunate to have him as part of your staff. In addition, the sites that were chosen for the tours were excellent. It was a perfect blend of holy/antiquity and new/sightseeing. Great job, Kudos to you all!! Best wishes for a Kesiva v”Chasima Tovah. Zalman and Etty Burger, Passaic New Jersey Etti and Zalman Berger Pasaic New Jersey

Dear Artzenu Thank you so much for making our visit to Eretz Yisroel such a memorable one. My wife and I arrived in the Holy Land without any definite plans. We knew that we wanted to see and experience as much as we possibly could in the two weeks we were there; for my wife this was her first time in Eretz Yisroel. Your staff were most helpful and amenable; the tours incredibly inspiring and informative, I cant imagine a more meaningful and action packed two weeks, and we owe much thanks to you for this. From the Old City Tour, to Chevron, Tzfas, the dead sea, Masada, Kotel Tunnel Tour, and the list goes on and on. Our tour guide Chaim (with whom we toured most often) and his wealth of knowledge and unique way of presenting things, was well received and enjoyed by us, and clearly by the others who attended. Thank you again and we will be sure to recommend you to our friends and others who plan to visit Eretz Yisrael. Rabbi Meir Shlomo and Yehudis Kluwgant Australia

I was in Israel the week of Lag Baomer on a visit for my first time and was really trying use every spare minute to see the most possible and was scared that I might not get the right agency to take me around and to accomplish the most in a 1 week time frame. I called a few places from various ads in the paper and the one who the most attentive over the phone to my needs was Artzeinu I went with them in 3 days to Masada, Ein Gedi, Yam Hamelech ( the dead sea – Swimming too ) Mitzpeh Yericho, a tour of the city of King David and a walking tour of many neighborhoods in the new Jerusalem ( such as Rachavia and Yemin Moshe ). We also went through the Kosel Tunnels and the walk through the Gichon and the water shaft in the city of King David and many other places within literally a few days. Because of there amazing prompt schedule we were always on the tours at the crack of dawn (meaning on time!!) and were able to accomplish a lot in a small time. Also since the groups are smaller than other companies the hands on knowledge of our tour guide was amazing. I would personally like to thank your entire crew and especially Reb Chaim Sidor the tour guide who is IHO an amazing fellow who has a vast knowledge of the history of the Land from Biblical times till now and brings to life the stones and walls and the entire State. He has devoted his life to living the Land and sharing the love and joy he has with others. I took the time to write this letter (after a 12 hour plane ride ) since Hakaras Hatov is something that means a lot to me. Rabbi Noach Fox Crown Hts, New York

Just came back to London and wanted to take the opportunity of thanking you for a most splendid and informative tour. I have visited the Kotel many times have had a number of tours in the past and your tour was by far the best and most enjoyable. Regards, Max Max Spelman

I simply have to write to you after the exceptional tour my family and I had with Artzeinu Tours yesterday. The day tour of Masada, Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea, which I took with my parents and sister who were here visiting from Australia, was run very professionally and smoothly. Our guide, Chaim, was simply excellent – knowledgeable, courteous and spell-binding. The way he weaved his wealth of historical, Jewish and even scientific knowledge into the tour, made it come alive and we all walked away with a much greater understanding and appreciation for the areas we visited and Israel in general. I will definitely be recommending Artzeinu Tours to others looking for a fascinating and informative way to experience Israel. Thanks again. Benzi Kluwgant Australia

Dear Sir/Madam, We are writing to express our sincere thanks to your wonderful tour guide, Mr Chaim Sidor, who accompanied us on an Artzeinu Tour to Massada and Ein Gedi on Thursday 28 December. We thought the tour was of the highest standard, and no opportunity was missed by Chaim to give us a most interesting and enjoyable day. We will most certainly recommend your company to our friends,and would like to express our thanks for making this day the best during our recent stay in Israel. Regards Michael, Natalie, Naomi and Judith Boyar Michael Boyar London, England

Avi the tour guide was excellent Yoshar koyach Steve Hackel East Rockaway N.Y.

Dear Artzeinu, We wanted to thank you for the tours you provided us during our stay in Eretz Yisroel. We had Reb Chaim Sidor for our tour guide for most of our tours and enjoyed every second of it. His knowledge and sense of humor keep our ears glued to him the whole time. Thank you again for making sure all of our tours worked out according to schedule. We will be recommending Artzeinu Tours to others looking for a fascinating experience in Eretz Yisroel. Thanks again. Yehuda and Sara Moradian February 18, 2007 10:57AM

Dear Chana, I just got in from the airport but wanted to take a minute to let you know what a wonderful time my daughter, friends and I had on our tour to the Galil yesterday. Chaim (I believe that is his name) was a great guide – very informative and interesting. I am sorry that my tour to Ir Dovid did not work out as there was nobody else signed up for that day but hopefully when my husband and I visit Israel the next time we will be able to go on that tour with you. Alice Miller

My wife and I were in Israel for only a week, as I had lectures to give in Tel Aviv. We had only 3 days to spend in Jerusalem on this short trip (we have been to Israel many times before) and had high expectations with regard to our planned Kotel and Tunnel Tour, as we had never been able to schedule it before. Well, our expectations were exceeded, with a marvelous 4 hours spent with Reb Haim, who passionately and expertly explained to us numerous facts about Ir David, the Kotel, and the underground excavations, which were breathtaking. We are so happy we found Artzeinu Tours, and on our next trip plan to avail ourselves of your wonderful services again. And of course, we will recommend your company to our friends and family. Again, todah rabah for making our short stay in Jerusalem so memorable! With best regards, Joel and Carol Silbert Cherry Hill, New Jersey USA

Dear Chumi and all at Artzeinu, We have just returned home to NYC, but we wanted to let you know that your tours were the highlight of our trip to Yerushalayim. We only wish that we could have participated in your northern tours, however, the war interrupted that. We look forward to sharing our experiences with our friends here at home, and hope that in the future we will again have the chance to join Chaim or Yishaya in another adventure. Regards, Chana, Herman and Nissanel Fisherman Fisherman family New York City

I would like to thank Artzeinu Tours for the wonderful tours I went on while in Isreal. On Thursday January 26, 2006, I went to Chevron / Kever Rochel with Yeshaya Jacobs it was amazing. Yeshaya was terrific he knew exactly what to say and when to say it. Please thank him from me. On Sunday I went on the Ir Dovid Tour and the Rova with the tunnel tour with Avi Ben Shitrit -he was also phenomenal. Thanks for the great time. By the way I’ve recommended your tours to friends of mine who are going to Isreal. Keep up the good work Chaim Kruger Baltimore, Maryland

To the staff at Artzeinu Tours: We just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the recent tours we went on in June 2006. We went on the tour of the Kotel Tunnels and the Old City with Avi and on the tour of Ir Dovid with Chaim, and the Masada, Ein Gedi and Dead Sea tour also with Chaim. The tours were all amazing and the tour guides were fantastic. They really gave more meaning to our three children, when they could relate sights and places to events in Tanach. In fact, one lady on our Ir Dovid tour was amazed how our older son who is 12 knew the answers to many questions that the tour guide asked. He had just learned them in Navi this year and now he could relate the Pesukim to real places. The tour guides really enhanced our knowledge and made the places come to life for us. Thanks again and hope to see you in the near future in Yerushalayim, Ir Hakadosh. Yvette and Sam Sturm

kew Garden Hills, New York Dear Chana, Just want to give you a big Yasher Kochacho for all of your work and patience as we wrote back and forth to arrange a trip for my mom and myself in Israel in January. It was truly wonderful and we can’t wait to do it again! I’ve told everyone that they must contact you when they make their plans(I know that my daughter has already!). May we always come in good health, until the time when it will be a one-way trip, when Eretz Yisroel will be our permanent home. Have a Happy Purim. Yehudit Cohen, Chicago. Yehudit Cohen Chicago, Ill.

This is to thank you for the four great tours that we joined while in Israel this summer and specifically to tell you how happy we were with Chaim Sidor as a guide. He is so knowledgable and dynamic and we enjoyed listening to him. We hope to come back soon and be able to go up north, as well. Thanks again. Yakov and Esther Leb Aug 28,2006

Thank you so much for five excellent tours. They were everything we expected and more. The tour guides were fabulous and we really enjoyed ourselves. IY”H we will come back next summer, again in August. I was wondering if you might consider putting together a four day tour up north that would be both in-depth and not too rushed, giving people time to absorb all that the north has to offer. Thanks. Devorah Rich Sept 6, 2006

Thanks. I enjoyed your book. My daughter is already saying that next summer when we come back we need to finish the Artzeinu tours that we missed!! Dianne Rich

to Artzeinu Tours We loved the tours. some guides were better than others. The Kotel tunnels and the S. W. exc. were great. Moshe on the jeep tour, Yeshaya in Chevron and the tunnels and most of all Hillel who we went to massada with were as good as it can be! I would recommend your service to anyone. thank you, Michael and Marcy Mostofsky

Dear Rivka, Thank you very much for an enjoyable tour, It was excellent !!! Smadar Segal Director Asia & Pacific Teva Pharmaceutical Industries LTD. Petach – Tiqva Israel

Chana, I just wanted to drop you an email with some feedback about your tours. The Jeeping tour was absolutely amazing! My husband, borther and myself enjoyed immensly. The guide (Amnon- who we took to calling “an Israeli version of Crocidile dundee” ) was very knowledgeable. His driving of that Jeep in the Judean desert was so much fun and we would definetly reccommend his tour to our friends. The tours overall were interesting. We did enjoy ourselves and they did add something special to our trip. Thank you for all of your help and patienece in arranging all of the tours for us. May Hashem bless you and Artzeinu Tours to continue being able to operate and show people the beauty of Bnei Yisrael’s land, Eretz Yisrael. Thank You, Yali & Moshe Schupper

I just returned from Israel this morning. I was very pleased with the tours I took from you, in addition to the professional way your staff worked. ( Penina is the only name I remember) I took the Ir Dovid tour w/ Chaim, the Jeep tour w/ Amnon, and the Old City tour w/ Avi. hope to be able , IYH, to use you again in the future. David Glaser, President ECG Resources, Inc.

Dear Yeshaya Jacobs, Thank you so much for the wonderful tour to Hevron etc. during Chol H. Your personal presentation made the trip all the more enjoyable with your enthusiasm and wonderful stories. Some tour guides sound like a tape but you seem to really enjoy leading the group and your presenation was enjoyable for everyone no matter what their backround was. We look forward to our next visit. Phillip Kamaras

Just to let you know, I just returned from the Jeeping tour that you setup and the guide was awesome!!!!!! He customized the tour exactly for the kids and was wonderful. Worth every penny. I would recommend it to anyone. Bob & Batya Klein Chicago, Ill.

Dear Rivkah & Yeshaya, Thanks so much for a memorable trip. I am attaching a letter and I will include here as well in case you have trouble opening the attachment. Edie

Dear Artzienu Tours (Rivkah & Yeshaya), I cannot find the words to express my gratitude to you for making our trip to Eretz Yisrael so meaningful and enjoyable. The best thing we did was register for your tours. On Friday we toured the Kotel Tunnels and excavations. Yeshaya is a Madrich par excellence, speaking with such emotion and eloquence. We felt the Churban, felt Tisha B’Av, and had heartfelt sadness for what we lost. How much more meaningful were our Tefilos after hearing Yeshaya’s explanations of what we were seeing before our very eyes. I was a bit concerned how our 10-year-old son, Nachum would behave on the tours. I was worried he might get bored or have trouble focusing his attention. With Yeshaya as our Madrich I had absolutely nothing to worry about. He was so animated and captured everyone’s attention. Yeshaya included the children throughout and my son absorbed every detail. Back at home, two weeks after our tour, Nachum still reminds me of things Yeshaya told him on our tours. How fortunate we were to once again have Yeshaya as our Madrich on our two-day tour to Ramat HaGolan and the Galil. Once again this tour was family oriented and Nachum was great throughout and learned so much. What a tremendous Zechut to daven at Kiverei Avot. Yeshaya told fascinating stories, details from Tanach and described the beauty of the country as we traveled from place to place. When I showed Nachum the videos I took of our trip he asked if I got the part of the bus rolling uphill near Amuka! At the hotel, Yeshaya made sure that all from his tour were well-fed, well taken care of and comfortable. We had a blast kayaking on the Yarden! I am so thankful to you for a wonderful and memorable trip. I have tremendous Hakaras HaTov to Meir Weingarten for referring me to Artzeinu Tours. I highly recommend Atzreinu Tours. Sincerely, Edie & David Goldman Lower East Side, NY

Hi – We, the Weinstock family of New Haven, CT, have just returned from Israel, and we would like to thank you for your help in securing our reservations at the Kings hotel as well as providing such wonderful tours for our family. We particularly appreciated our tour leader on several tours and look forward to refering your agency to others who might visit Israel from our area. Thanks again! – Alan Weinstock, M.D. New Haven, Conn.

Our Israel Family Mission was a fantastic success with the help of you and your husband. Judy and I and the entire entourage thank you. Mort Zemel Boca Raton, Florida

I wanted to thank you for all of the help in the past few months with my family. In addition, I just learned that the tour guide who led my yeshiva yesterday (Shapell’s) is your Yeshaya. Please thank him for a wonderful tiyul and a really enjoyable presentation of the kedushat Eretz Yisrael! Michael Friedman

I just came back on Monday, and i just wanted to thank you so much for all your help. Kibbutz Lavi and the hot springs worked out GREAT!, WE REALLY HAD A GREAT TIME. My neighbors went with Yeshaya last Sunday on the tunnel tour, and they enjoyed themselves very much. Illana Schwartz New York

Thank you so much for the book in honor of my Bar Mitzvah. I also want to thank you for taking care of the hotel arrangements for my Bar Mitzvah. Avi Yudkowsky New York

Thank you for your tours- we were impressed and pleased Phil Feldman

I just wanted to thank you for setting us up with the jeep for the full day jeep ride last month. It was so amazing and fantastic that my family can’t stop talking about it…even now. They all had a blast! Hands down, they all say it was the BEST part of the trip…even the Bar Mitzvah boy agrees! The jeep driver is a wonderful guide, very knowledgeable about the places he took us to, and his love for Israel is apparent in everything he says and does. His love for our country was obviously contagious, as my whole family wants to go back again as soon as possible. I will gladly recommend the Jeep Tour to all of my clients. (I love telling people about how much fun it is and how it’s the only way to REALLY see the country). Again, thanks for giving us this terrific guide. It was definitely worth switching our day from Wednesday to Thursday. Rivky (travel agent) New York

I must apologize. I never followed up with you when we got back from Israel in May, to tell you how wonderful our trip was. We had a fantastic time and our tours were most enjoyable and meaningful. I believe that our daughter Shira learned a lot from the trip and gained an experience that she never would have had in two weeks of school. The one thing that really showed through our tour guides is their sincere love for Eretz Yisrael and their desire to show and educate others about its history, beauty and above-all, its Kedusha. Thank you so much for putting us together with them. And thank you for the hotel arrangements and your efforts on our behalf to secure the best deal for us. I have given your name to my sister and brother-in-law, Zeldie and Wayne who will be coming, IY”H, in December. I believe they want to try to arrange some private tours, maybe in conjunction with another family who will be there at the same time, with them. I B’virkat K’tiva Vachatima Tova Moshe Shields Toronto, Canada

This is the first chance to thank you and your staff for making my trip with my daughter for her Bat Mitzvah so special. Your guides were amazing (especially Moishe). We had such a great time, even when the jeep driver was stuck in the mud. Everything worked out great making Rachel’s trip was so memorable. I have recommended you to many people (even wrote an article in a local paper mentioning you). I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you again. Uri Lazar (and Rachel)

I finished your book – it really helps to focus on what’s important. I wish we had met. The tours were FANTASTIC. It really gave us all a perspective of Eretz Yisroel that we otherwise could not have gotten. Our hearts are stirred… B’ezras HaShem, we will meet….next time… Yours truly, Loren Mitchell (the Mrs.) New Jersay

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed and appreciated the tours of Hevron and the Kotel that I took with you. I learned so much and Rabbi Jacobs was so inspiring. Thanks for letting a non-Jew like myself go on these trips. I would do it all again, if I come back. Please tell Rabbi Jacobs that Andy said hello and thank him for me Again, it was wonderful to be with you. Andy Hornbaker

we had a wonderful trip to Hevron and Kever Rochel and Gush Etzion today with the tour guide Mr Zelig. We are looking forward to the rescheduled tour 

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